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Silverwood Capital offers Individuals, Private Investors, and Institutions the ability to take advantage of an unadvertised glut of sub-prime Real Estate opportunities, by buying all or part of the Real Estate notes for pennies on the dollar, backed by the underlying property.

What is a “note?” In essence, its a promise to pay, and you have a bunch of them in your wallet. In Real Estate, the note is secured by the mortgage or Deed of Trust, which is backed by the property as the collateral.

These are typically seller or owner financed, as there is no bank involved. Sure, you can fix & flip, or buy and hold, though you own the property, and are responsible for all upkeep, maintenance, and repairs. We can help you located these properties if you want to get your hands dirty, otherwise we are currently focusing on passive, hands-off opportunities.

We offer three different types of seller financed notes:

  • Performing Notes, which the buyer is paying as agreed.
  • Re-Performing Notes, which went into default, and have worked it out to get the buyer paying again.
  • Non-Performing Notes, which are not being paid and are in default.
We also offer different classifications of notes by lien position:

  • First liens, which normally have a higher price with less risk
  • Junior or subordinate liens, usually lower price, riskier, with greater upside possibilities.

We obtain the assets from Hedge Funds, Mortgage Loan Servicer’s, and Individuals who own the note. These properties are not on the market, rather, the current occupant typically wants to stay in the home, and is making the payments, or the terms have been adjusted so they are affordable.

Why Should You Consider Buying Real Estate Notes?

Owning performing or re-performing notes means steady, cash-flow until the note is paid off, or resold, without the hassles and costs of being the landlord. Any repairs are made by the buyer of the property; you are the bank. No swinging of hammers or paint brushes.

Owning non-performing notes based on the possibilities of making it re-performing by changing the terms to make it affordable to the buyer, getting a lump-sum cash payment of all arrears, or if needed, foreclose and sell for a profit.

Silverwood Capital sells performing, re-performing, and non-performing notes. No matter if you are interested in first or junior notes secured by real estate, we have a constant pool to choose from. As a Nationwide company, we help you diversify your risk by locating geographic areas that offer you attractive opportunities.

You can also use a self directed traditional IRA for tax deferred growth, or a self-directed Roth IRA for tax free growth for you, or your children.

If you are tired of making 1% on a bank CD, or want off the stock market roller coaster, diversifying into notes backed by real estate makes a lot of sense.

If buying all or partial notes with current capital, or using a self-directed traditional or Roth IRA, please contact us using the form on the right, or call us @ 1-844-2-BUY-NOTE (1-844-228-9668).