Creating Passive Income Notes With Chris Winkler

//Creating Passive Income Notes With Chris Winkler

Creating Passive Income Notes With Chris Winkler

We did an interview last fall with Les Weitman from Life on PIRE, Passive Income Real Estate Done For You, called Creating Passive Income Notes With Chris Winkler, and its out now live!

We talk about investing in non performing real estate notes that are backed by the property. Les asks some great questions, and we cover a lot of ground in 48 minutes.

So much has happened since then, we have evaluated at hundreds and hundreds of notes, started several joint venture partnerships, lost a few bids on notes that hit our sweet spot, attended a note investor mastermind group in Sand Diego, went on a Florida Shadow Asset road show with over 20 other investors, grown our network and our sources for non performing notes, added several joint venture investor partners to help acquire them, and are set up to expand toward our goal of starting an equity fund with a couple of our note investor mastermind friends.

You can get the podcast in iTunes here.

You can listen here in Stitcher.

You can listen here on Libsyn.

If your 401k is now a 101k, and you want to diversify before the stock market bubble bursts, consider joint venturing with us on the notes where you can have a passive, hands off approach by being the bank, and we do all the sweat equity, as an alternative to rehabbing and dealing with toilets, tenants, and termites.

Please contact us for more information on how to Joint Venture with us!

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