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If you owner finance, or seller finance your notes, or own the property and the buyer is paying off the mortgage directly to you, we would be willing to make a cash offer to purchase part or all of your notes, or cash flow income, based on completing our due diligence.

Why sell us your real estate notes? There are many reasons such as you have an emergency and you need a lump-sum payment, instead of monthly payments. Or maybe the time factor, as the payments you are getting today will be worth a fraction of their value in 15-20 years, cash out now.

Maybe the monthly payments are so small, you are having problems actually saving it for the future, or you are tired of the monthly management hassles, paperwork, and requirements of carrying the loan. Maybe you have other investment opportunities that can offer a better returns, or you are getting old and want to get going on that bucket list.

Main Reasons To Sell Us Your Note:

  1. Free & Clear Title: If you own your property outright, you can finance the sale without any risk to your own credit. You are not relying on the buyer making the monthly payments, so you eliminate the risk of having to foreclose. Since 1/3 of all homes are owned free & clear, these properties can be seller financed without risky consequences.
  2. Time On The Market: The longer a house sits on the market, its value drops, and you are responsible for any maintenance, or if its damaged, vandalized, or they strip out the copper wire or appliances.
  3. Owned By The Elderly: If you or a loved one have health issues or need to be hospitalized, or can’t control your affairs, it makes sense to sell the house for cash to assist with living expenses and medical needs.
  4. Distressed Property: Properties that have fallen into disrepair or are rundown, are great for seller financing. Many investors are looking for such properties to fix & flip & we would present these to our investors.
  5. Vacant Properties: There is nothing that brings the value of a neighborhood down like a vacant house. The longer its vacant, the lower its value due to weather damage, arson, vandalism, stripping of copper or appliances, or age. Sell your vacant property to us and use the proceeds to invest in re-performing notes that give you a constant cashflow.

If you need liquidy from your current holdings, and having problems getting money from the bank, let us make you an immediate cash offer on one or more of your seller financed notes.

If you own cash flow rentals, we will also buy future payments for any number of years.

We will also buy qualified deeds of trust, and 1st & 2nd mortgages. Contact us using the form below, or calling 1-844-2-BUY-NOTE (1-844-228-9668) for more information.