State-By-State Average Foreclosure Times

//State-By-State Average Foreclosure Times

State-By-State Average Foreclosure Times

Hat tip to The Paper Source for reposting this interesting info from Here is a list of the average foreclosure times for each State showing the average number of days someone can live in a house completely rent-free in the USA.

Our focus is on the shorter States that are non-judicial, so we don’t have to wait 3+++ years like in NY. I heard someone lived in a house for over 6 years in NY, and in CA, stories are of people who can go similar times by paying an attorney to stall things for a much lower price than making the payments. Ugh!

Alabama: 178 days
Alaska: 165 days
Arizona: 194 days
Arkansas: 199 days
California: 335 days
Colorado: 242 days
Connecticut: 661 days
Delaware: 146 days
Florida: 858 days
Georgia: 150 days
Hawaii: 662 days
Idaho: 302 days
Illinois: 673 days
Indiana: 603 days
Iowa: 371 days
Kansas: 428 days
Kentucky: 476 days
Louisiana: 293 days
Maine: 166 days
Maryland: 541 days
Massachusetts: 568 days
Michigan: 226 days
Minnesota: 184 days
Mississippi: 265 days
Missouri: 225 days
Montana: 260 days
Nebraska: 234 days
Nevada: 520 days
New Hampshire: 174 days
New Jersey: 931 days
New Mexico: 540 days
New York: 1,072 days
North Carolina: 260 days
North Dakota: N.A.
Ohio: 571 days
Oklahoma: 400 days
Oregon: 193 days
Pennsylvania: 580 days
Rhode Island: 259 days
South Carolina: 400 days
South Dakota: 296 days
Tennessee: 209 days
Texas: 97 days
Utah: 353 days
Vermont: N.A.
Virginia: 115 days
Washington: 248 days
West Virginia: N.A.
Wisconsin: 492 days
Wyoming: 267 days


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